A Brand New Roof For Less!
What is Bange BRITE?
A next level, aesthetic roofing color seal. Your roof will look better than new, and more importantly you no longer have to worry about the yearly pressure cleaning due to all the mildew build. The UV heat resistance and the self cleaning sealer guarantees a long lasting beautiful appearance. 
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less than 10% of the cost of a new roof! USA 12 year manufacturers warranty.  
Less Than 10% Of The Cost Of A New Roof! USA 12 Year Manufacturers Warranty.  
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Whats the difference between a restoration & a upgrade?
If you like the color of your roof but want your roof to look better than new, we can offer Bange BRITE restoration. This system enhances the existing color of the roof from dull to bright.

If you DON’T like the color of your roof but its too soon too replace it, we can offer a Bange BRIGHT upgrade. This is a complete change of the existing roof color to the of choice. 
Why Bange BRITE? 
Let’s your roof look BETTER than NEW, without having to replace it. Save time and $$$ to achieve the best looking roof on the block!
- Instant results
- Fade resistant
- Hassle free
- No more pressure cleaning
- Perfect finish
- Eco friendly - water based
- Heat reflective
- Satisfaction guarantee
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